Saturday, April 5, 2008

Surgery Begins

Final preparations are underway for the procedure Saturday morning.

At left, Respiratory Therapist Felix Gregorian helps prepare the ICU, where the first patient will receive care following surgery.


Anonymous said...

Hey Felix
You pumping some iron over there? Check out those guns!!!


Roger C said...

Well, folks, it looks like Manny, Mike and Cocoa have all finished their stretching, the field has been groomed and is ready for play, and Jason's been warming up Tim Wakefield on the mound. I guess it's time to PLAY BALL! The fans will be here rooting for the home team AND the visitors! And we'll be waiting for the play-by-play and color commentary. (Seriously -- God bless all of you, and our prayers are with you and with your patients.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda...

Hope you are doing well....I hope
your luggage has found you!!!

looks like things are moving along
well over there..Good luck!

Love ya.. kim & Alex

Anonymous said...

hey felix looking good! love moe

Anonymous said...

felix, how good you make the respiratory team look. kudos to you and brenda oh the 8cd team as well janet linda and marylou

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda & Felix
Keep up the good work! Miss you!!!