Saturday, April 5, 2008

Meeting Our King Faisal Colleagues

Above from left: BWH's Prem Shekar, Leslie Sabatino and Jim Rawn meet King Faisal Chief Pharmacist Juliet Mbabaizi.

On the evening before the first surgery, the staff at King Faisal warmly welcomed Team Heart to the hospital at an informal reception.

“We are looking forward to having our people work side by side with you,” John Stevens, director general of King Faisal Hospital, said as physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, surgical technologists and others from both hospitals mingled and became acquainted. “This is the first time. Let’s make it happen over and over again.”

Chip Bolman, MD, chief of Cardiac Surgery at BWH, told King Faisal staff how honored Team Heart is to be involved in this collaboration. “It’s a privilege for us to come here and help you to build a cardiac surgical program,” he said. “Thank you for allowing us to be here.”

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