Thursday, March 27, 2008

Posted by Ceeya Patton-Bolman, program coordinator for Team Heart

As I sit here, determined to complete the thank you notes before the "unpacking team" leaves on Monday, I cannot help reflecting on those whom have made this trip possible. Help has come not only from predictable sources, vendors we work with and respect and feel "we must have _____ to do this safely, hospital personnel have gone beyond our wildest hopes to make contacts for donations or broker great prices to provide what we need, but help has come in smaller donations, used cell phones (we continue to collect!!!) and more importantly from words of encouragement and the hope for success.

It has continued to amaze and warm my heart how the Brigham community has embraced this project. Chip and I came to the Brigham from the outside and the environment initially did not seem a welcoming one. A hard move, late in life, without children to introduce us to parents of their friends, at times we both despaired of ever being a part of the community. It has been incredible to me to see how the community of volunteers, nurses and physicians have supported each other and made a place for us too! Although we are not doing this trip for team building, it has been one of the most wonderful "side effects". Getting to know the team which embraces many more individuals than those traveling to Kigali has been wonderful.

Thank you to each of our supporters, we take a piece of you with us.