Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bringing Erneste Home

Kayla Quinn, RN, writes:

As the road to Erneste’s home began to narrow, our anticipation grew. Ceeya, George, Suellen and I escorted Erneste to his home near Nyagihunika. As we bounced around in the Range Rover bracing ourselves for each bump, we were quietly taking in the spectacular views. Erneste handed each of us thank you notes that he wrote proudly in English. We all knew that this experience was going to be touching beyond explanation, and we are thankful for being by his side for his return.

Erneste sat in the rear of the Rover with Ceeya by his side. As he was gazing out the window, he would point out to us some of the homes that belonged to his relatives and friends prior to the genocide. Turning a corner as we neared his home, Erneste noticed his brother standing in the road with his friends. He began to chase us down the road with all of his friends in tow. Erneste’s father was eagerly anticipating his arrival as well, standing in the road surrounded by friends and family. Read the full post.