Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Video: Let's Get Started!

Watch the action unfold as we prepare the ICU for our first patients this weekend.

Posted by Leslie Sabatino, RN, clinical coordinator of Team Heart

Hi Everyone,

The first wave of folks has done a tremendous job cleaning and organizing things - Hats off to them!! The rest of the gang is heading in tomorrow, and we will be fully prepped and ready for a mock run through by Friday afternoon. I am so excited!!!

Before we begin, I want all of you reading this to know what hard work and very generous individuals we have on our team. They are the ultimate volunteers. From washing down walls, unpacking bags, carrying emergency supplies through many countries, or making sure to remind each other to take our Malaria meds daily, everyone is in this together and I am so proud of each and every Team Heart Member. It takes everyone single person on the team to make this a success.

It is so touching and emotional for me to have this dream becoming a reality. Words can not even explain it without tears of appreciation rolling down my face. Wait until you see the appreciation on the patients' faces.

Stay tuned...........................


The ten team members already here spent the day at King Faisal Hospital unpacking equipment and cleaning the intensive care unit where our patients will receive care after surgery.

We continue the preparations tomorrow in anticipation of the first surgery, which begins on Saturday.

We Have Arrived

The first wave of Team Heart arrived safely in beautiful Kigali last night. Leslie, Ceeya, Jonnye, Sue G., Sue H., Jess, Bill, Diane and Liz (at left with Gene Bukhman of Partners In Health) are excited to be here and begin our work. Today we head to King Faisal Hospital to begin unpacking and preparing for the surgeries, which begin on Saturday.

The other 22 members of Team Heart are scheduled to arrive tomorrow evening.