Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From Our Hearts to Theirs

Eight of Team Heart's patients are still receiving care as they recover at King Faisal Hospital. At right, seven of the patients flash the thumbs up sign as they say good bye to Leslie, Ceeya, Rhonda and Jim, who left Rwanda today.

The patients are in good hands. Team Heart's Jose Zeballos, MD, arrived in Kigali on Thursday to work with King Faisal staff in ensuring these patients receive top-notch care and make a full recovery over the next week.

From Ceeya Patton-Bolman, RN, program coordinator

I sit in an empty ICU and reflect on what the past 10 days have been not only for us, the 36 members of Team Heart, but for those patients who do not share a common language and yet entrusted us to provide their care. It was an eerie feeling to transfer the patients out to the surgical ward, and I had forgotten in the past few years the incredible emotional connection physicians and nurses develop with patients in that critical period. Read the full post.