Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Posted by Leslie Sabatino, RN, clinical coordinator of Team Heart

Hi Everyone,

The first wave of folks has done a tremendous job cleaning and organizing things - Hats off to them!! The rest of the gang is heading in tomorrow, and we will be fully prepped and ready for a mock run through by Friday afternoon. I am so excited!!!

Before we begin, I want all of you reading this to know what hard work and very generous individuals we have on our team. They are the ultimate volunteers. From washing down walls, unpacking bags, carrying emergency supplies through many countries, or making sure to remind each other to take our Malaria meds daily, everyone is in this together and I am so proud of each and every Team Heart Member. It takes everyone single person on the team to make this a success.

It is so touching and emotional for me to have this dream becoming a reality. Words can not even explain it without tears of appreciation rolling down my face. Wait until you see the appreciation on the patients' faces.

Stay tuned...........................


Anonymous said...

You're doing wonderful work! You're truly an inspiration to all.

Safe travels to you and your crew.

Melissa said...

You guys ARE the ultimate volunteers!!

Anonymous said...

We are all so proud your hard work and determination. You are truly an angel in the flesh, we are so blessed to have you in our lives as are the people of Rwanda.

Be safe, see you soon.
We love you
Cheryl, Todd, Anthony, Kayla & Brock XO

Anonymous said...

We are all thinking of you guys. Good Luck From Jackie G

Anonymous said...

So glad everything is going smoothly and that all of you are safe and sound. We are so proud to be your friend! Also, we are looking out for Vinny-he got the rest of the clam chowder!!!!

Myrna and Si

Egidia said...

Hi Leslie,
Congratulation on your first case!! I am so proud of you and the rest of the group. I miss you and thinking of you. Your wonderful work is greatly appreciated. BEST WISHES

Vicky said...

"You're doing good Les!!" You've had such a positive impact on peoples lives as far back as I can remember. I am glad you are all safe and doing well.. I'll keep cheering you on.. Your buddy ol pal, Vicky

Anonymous said...

We're glad to see Team heart in action. Les, you're right in saying you are altering the lives of families in the most important way- saving lives. What a gift you are! Love dad,rose and hannah

Monica said...

Leslie & Team Heart (Marie & Terry)
Congratulations on all your efforts!! Great work just getting safe & don't forget to get some rest in between all your
Look forward to joining you next year!!