Thursday, April 3, 2008

Video: Visit to Gisemba Orphanage

On Thursday, a few members of Team Heart had the opportunity to visit nearby Gisemba Orphanage in Kigali for the afternoon. Bill Garside had gifts of soccer balls, flip flops and water bottles for the children. He plans to go back later in the week for another visit. We are thankful for the chance to meet so many wonderful people in Kigali while we are here.


Anonymous said...

The Team Heart blod is fast becoming my favorite channel to watch. Keep up the excellent work that you all are doing!

Roger C said...

Y'know guys, until today's video (can't wait for the still images to be posted) this trip was still sort of just a "concept" for those of us home watching the store. Somehow, with real kids now in the picture, it's taken on a whole new dimension. I suspect there will be many tears shed as we continue to watch from afar. Keep the videos, writing, and pictures coming. It's what's keeping us connected to you.

Anonymous said...

Great work with this blog. Thank you for your hard work to keep us all up to date.

Anonymous said...

"The obligation of those of us that have,is to remember and take care of those who have not"

Abigail Adams Park

Dinah V said...

I like coming home at the end of the day and checking out the Team Heart blog. Our hearts and with you. Liz, we miss you, but couldn't be prouder.
Dinah V

Anonymous said...

Sue Gabriel -

Wish we would have had the foresight to send you off with volleyball equipment so that you could have introduced the children of Gisemba to the great sport of volleyball as well.

We love you Sue. Take it all in. We don't want you to spare any details when you tell us about your adventures. Keep doing wonderful things.


Your Monday-night-Moms'-volleyball team

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures- it makes it all seem so real- you are all so awesome and such special people. WE are so lucky and so proud of you. A special hello to Rhonda and Kaylah from the float pool.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are wonderful!! Thank you for sharing. Rhonda, Denise and Barry - enjoy and be safe!