Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Team Heart Nurses: Caring and Curing

The Team Heart nurses in the intensive care unit and step-down ward are making sure that patients get the very best and safest care. Simultaneously, our nurses are ensuring that King Faisal Hospital nurses are learning about care for patients after open heart surgery.

Team Heart nurses include, clockwise from top, Lisa Kelley, RN, admitting a patient to the ICU; Pavel Nelyubin, RN, nurse in-charge with patient Jean-Paul and King Faisal nurse Rosine Uwavutse; Kayla Quinn, RN, with Jean-Paul and his wife; Denise Ricci, RN, with Celestin; and Marie Caulfield, RN, with Djuma.


Anonymous said...

Go Marie! I'm sure the patients are all getting the very best care. (btw - nice scrubs!) :)

Anonymous said...


I'm proud of you.

Your mother is inspired by your example - she is thinking of volunteering the next time you go back.

I am looking forward to seeing you this sunday.

Love always,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaylah
Looks like you are doing your usual great job- and smiling and making others in your care happy

We are proud of you!!!!!!!

Cathy Alex Jim and the float pool

Anonymous said...

you look like you're having a great time and enjoying what you are doing. You're a real inspiration..keep it up girl! miss ya.
christine :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie

Summing you up in a word, 'AWESOME'. You and the whole team are an inspiration. Make sure you get back rested, we have 26.2miles to run in a week.

Safe travels & GO YANKEES!


Anonymous said...

hi lisa, you are looking great. as well as the patient. looking forward to all the stories. make sure kevin brenda and felix come home too!!!janet and the rrts

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
Are you keeping your patients laughing? I bet you are!

How's the weather? Hot? My dafffodil's are getting ready to bloom here in Boston.

Luv ya ~ Renee

Anonymous said...

I see my SUPER NURSE doing SUPER THINGS Miss you and Terry