Tuesday, April 8, 2008

From Jonnye Mastel, RN, of the OR

I feel like I have been practicing for this moment all my life…to be part of this extraordinary Boston team. I am profoundly grateful to the people of Rwanda who, in this week of remembrance, let us share with them such a celebration of life.

Jonnye Mastel is a nurse from Seattle who joined Team Heart to work as part of Chip Bolman’s surgical team. She and Chip worked together before he joined BWH.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sue Gabriel,

Thanks to you and Team Heart for doing such wonderful things in Rwanda. We missed you at Volleyball last night. We are gearing up for the Easter Seals tournament that won't be the same without you. We loved the e-mail you sent that chronicled your adventures and experiences to date. Take it all in. We will want to hear all the details when you get back.

We love you! Stay safe,

Your Monday-Night-Moms Volleyball Team

Anonymous said...

Hello Brenda!!!
It is nice to see your smiling face
in the picture posted today!!!

We miss you, but know you are doing
something soooo wonderful keep up
all the wonderful things you and
Team Heart are doing!!

kim and Alex xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I too am sending my thoughts and prayers to the whole team, and a special "shout out" to Sue Gabriel. We're all really proud of the work you are doing. Maggie and Lucy and Rascal are fine (curled up together on the pillow). Take care, do good and have some fun. Love, Julie & Kevin & the Maple St. gang

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda!!
It was great to see your smiling face in the picture they posted today...We miss you, but know you
are doing wonderful things.. keep
up the great work you and Team Heart are doing.. The patients smiling faces say it all.

We love you... Kim, Alex and Harold

Anonymous said...

Hey Denise,
We thought you would be bored when u came back...so we have been sighing u up for a few committies like pharmacy, shapiro, NIC at NOC etc,etc.
Hurry back days misses u!

Ann Puzui said...


Thanks for allowing us to share this remarkable trip with all of you. My heart is deeply touched. I hope all of BWH community will be able to share in your experience when you get back.

The Giver's become the Receiver's.

Anonymous said...

hey brenda! It was great to see your smiling face this morning! You and Team Heart are making such a wonderful difference and by the look on your face you are enjoying the once in a lifetime experience!
Keep up the good work and we all miss you here and look forward to you coming home! Love, Rena, John, Anthony & Angela

Anonymous said...

Nice picture Brenda!!!!! You guys are doing some great stuff over there. everyone here misses you.

Love Shawn,Amanda,Jake,Muggs,Ski do,Comet,Sushi oh ya and Fish