Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Welcome to the official blog of Team Heart, a group of 32 volunteers from Brigham and Women's Hospital. In just two weeks, the team will head to Kigali, Rwanda, to begin a decade-long cardiac surgery mission to King Faisal Hospital.

During the inaugural visit this April, our team will perform life-saving heart surgery on Rwandan patients, most of whom suffer from rheumatic heart disease. Over the course of the next decade, we will work with staff at King Faisal Hospital and the Rwandan Ministry of Health to establish a self-sustained cardiac surgery program there.

It is an honor and a privilege for our team to be able to do this important work with our colleagues in Rwanda.

This blog will be updated frequently with photos, videos and posts during the first two weeks of April as Team Heart begins performing surgery in Rwanda. Stay tuned...


dconnolly5 said...

This sounds like a wonderful mission. Best of luck!

Diane said...

We are going to change lives, I can't wait to get started!

Sarah Doherty said...

What a wonderful and important experience you will be having in Rwanda. I am proud for all of you and happy for the people of Rwanda!
Good luck and Prayer to you all,
Sarah Doherty
Susan Gabriel's twin sister and best fan.

Bob Braga said...

Susan Gabriel & Team Heart,
I hope you all accomplish much more than your goals and expectations. It’s a great under taking. You should all be very proud of your selflessness. We need more forward thinking people like you on our “small” planet.
Good Luck to all and be safe.
Susan, I’m thinking of you too.
Bob b.

Meg N. 8CD said...

Hi everyone! We're glad you're all there safe and sound. Good job and good luck! I wish I was there!

lorrell said...

Marie Caulfield...nice job! We're very proud of you :)